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FAQs Related Packers and Movers

1. How to hire packers and movers from

It is very easy to hire Packers & Movers via through a single easy step. For this, you have to fill a short form and submit based on your choice of transfer service along with your details like your name, mail id, contact number, date of transfer, current city, transfer city, and other details of your transfer process. is done. We will send you a list of free estimates from registered moving companies. You can also contact to Sanjay Sangwan at +91-7503737802 or mail on:- Sanjay Sangwan -

2. Any charges to get moving quotes from website?

Not at all, these features are absolutely free for all. You can get as many moving quotes as you want from our website so that you can better compare fees and services and help you find the most suitable moving company for your accorded moving.

3. How packers and movers work?

We try to explain you step by step the relocation process by professional packers and movers:

  • When you send your quotation to a company, you get a confirmation call asking you to re-detail in which the total cost of shifting is given to you as an estimate.
  • A sensible customer gives his contract by going to the company's office and finding out about them (company) around him.
  • A good professional packer mover will survey your belongings, whether by looking at your belongings or asking you for a list of items.
  • Then the company sends a team to disassemble all the furniture, electrical appliances like TVs, and other things.
  • All your goods are packed in front of you according to the contract, tapping and marking is done. Along with this, the list of goods and the lot note are also signed.
  • During this, some % of the payment has to be given to the company which is given in your contract.
  • After this or during the same time your goods are loaded into the cart which is directly shifted to the warehouse or container which goes to your next destination city. This is called moving service.
  • Goods from this container are then either kept at the warehouse or unloaded directly at your destination and unpacked in front of you as soon as payment is made.
  • At the end, your takeover document is signed, in which the recieved condition of your goods is also written and you are also asked for the rating of the work which is shown in the company.

Be Note: Before signing the contract, read the terms and conditions of work and payment and talk about it. Do not rely on words spoken by someone else or unknown.

4. Which packers and movers are faithfull in India?

Don't Ignore These Points:- has been following packer movers and car transport companies for many years. During this time, we add and update the companies which are worthy of trust in our website. Still, if you find any doubt in our list, then definitely inform us. Avoid being cheated and save.

Search your service and location in the above option "Search for Safe Shifting Services" and look for reliable service providers in your area and get a quote from any of them.

Second option can also send inquiry directly to us so that you can be completely safe and secure.

5. How packers and movers charge moving cost?

The packers and movers or transporter charge moving cost considering following factors:

  • How much area does the luggage or vehicle cover?
  • What is the distance to the destination?
  • How many obstacles are there to the destination (toll tax, road, area is forest or hilly)?
  • How much will labor cost?
  • How much will it cost for packing items?
  • What is the insurance cost of your items or vehicle?
  • What is the risk if you have a pet?

6. Which are the best movers and packers in India?

The best packers and movers in India are:

Please Select Service and Location to Know about it.

Search for Safe Shifting Services In India

7. Do your packers and movers and Transports provide door to door services?

Yes, Our all Transport and packer movers also provide door to door relocation services. They will complete the entire shifting process from packing, loading, transporting, unloading, and unpacking of your household items and safely delivery your items at destination.

8. Does provide shifting services as well?

No, "" does not provide any transfer service directly to customers nor does any transport work. offers trustworthy and best packers movers and transport in India for you. We have a dependable online reference platform.

9. Which things do not shifted Packer Mowers.

The following items are not taken for shipping by packer mowers:–

  • Perishable items
  • Plants
  • Flammable or Corrosives liquids
  • Pets (Pets are separate transports)
  • Valuables (Like Gold, Silver, Money)
  • Hazardous or Legally binding materials

Even if a packer wants to do mowers chilling, then you should not do it at all.

10. Any charges for a pre-move survey?

No, all the listed packers and movers do not charge their customers any fee for pre-move surveys. They are only visited to get an idea of the objects to be moved.

11. What kind of packing materials are used by movers to pack goods?

All our packers and movers use best quality packing material as per the requirement of the goods to fully protect all the household items of our customers. They do waterproof packing while shifting in rainy season. Bubble paper and thermocol are applied to the lead material. Cartoons, cardboard paper and lamination are used in household items to contain letters.