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- We try to get you in touch with only the best vendors (packer mowers or car transporters). CareMyMove doesn't want to harm anyone's client. Still, even if a vendor cheats, then you can take action against that vendor. In such a situation, CareMyMove cannot do anything except remove it from its list. This is true.

Acceptance of Terms

Before using any Services from the directory, you must read the entire terms and conditions of this "Terms and Conditions". Once you have read and accepted these mentioned terms and conditions, you can avail the facility of Online Directory for free of cost. This is the only documented information that puts both you and the professionals of the directory on one platform. If you do not find the information mentioned in the Terms and Conditions relevant to you, do not access any part of the Website or avail any service.

Make general use of the Directory

The directory offers you options for your personal uses and not for any kind of promotional or non-commercial use. Once you agree to the Terms and Conditions mentioned below, you are bound legally with it and you will be responsible for any kind of issues or disputes in case it happens.

Moving further, you have to pay extra attention to some of the below-mentioned points:

  • You are not supposed to do any changes on the directory be is a matter of copy, reproduce, distribute, transfer any information, modify any content, sell any information, name of the different companies offering products or services and so on.
  • You do not disable or interfere with any information of the directory or cause any damage to it by any means.
  • You do not have rights to obtain any information via any mode that may believe to be illegal, without the written permission of The Company.
  • Without the written permission of The Company, you are not authorized to access any password protected document.
Content in the online Directory

The Online Directory, including messages, files, lists, designs, texts, photos, copyrighted material and any technical information notwithstanding, as well as the entire content in it, is under the supervision of the Company and the service providers who own all rights. The directory provides access to the content there for the purpose of the Services. You can choose names from here and choose them for free without any third person intervention.

Any Content provided on your behalf is entirely at your own risk whether for uploading, submission or posting on the Directory, and you are solely responsible for the same. So do not share or upload any document here or in any source.

Disclaimer of Warranty

Now you have read and understood the entire terms & conditions, you are solely responsible for the accuracy as well as the correctness of the services as well as content. does not provide any warranty against mistakes, errors, information, content, directory material, etc, available on the directory.


The entire content in the directory has copyright reserved as well as certified by The Company in addition to the vendors of the enlisted company. The content in the directory should be reproduced, transmitted or distributed to anybody or at any place without the written permission of The Company.

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